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Taking your Financial Services Practice to the Next Level.

Over 10,000 advisors have had training in the Ghost CEO™ Business Development systems since 1999.

There’s a lot to do in a financial services practice. Whether you are an active manager or invest through partners. If you are a year in the game or 20+, there are really only two main functions that need daily care in your practice: client management and asset gathering. There are hundreds of programs and tools for managing your existing clients and their investments but what is missing is a real world set of tools for acquiring the right clients, from the right niche markets, with the right messaging in a consistent way. 

This is where we step in. We focus on our acronym, BEAR. Business Expansion, Attraction, and Retention. Not about fancy websites, email campaigns, and events. Instead, we focus on being (or becoming) the ‘person’ for your niche markets. Our focus is very narrow (asset gathering and client engagement) but very deep. Whether you have an hour a day or only 10 minutes, to build business, we got you. And the best part? We don’t lock you into contracts and we guarantee results. We have something for every type of Investment Advisor, Wealth Manager, and Financial Planner as we have worked with professionals at all stages. Some of our offerings are ‘DIY’, while others are one on one with a proven Ghost CEO™ business advisor. Regardless, you will see a measurable spike in your revenues, or we will return your monthly training retainer.

<50M AUM

For those new to the business, who have acquired a practice through a transaction, or like to take their time, our Foundry AI™ program is a great way to bold on a business development system to your investment practice. From this program, participants can expect to generate between 8-10 qualified leads per month by the end of this six-month program. 


Our Premier Advisory Group is a bespoke, one on one, business coaching program to develop the tools and strategies that match you niche markets and your personal practice. We target $1-2M a month in new clients and opportunities with clients at this level.


Also within our Premier Advisory Group offering, but a more detailed and finely tuned process to an already established business model. Focusing on the systemisation, sustainability, and scalability of business development activities, we like to see our clients in this model generating between $2-4M a month in new clients and opportunities. 

Getting Ready to Sell

First off, congratulations. Too many advisors give their book away or just shut down rather than selling their practice at top dollar. Really. We work with those looking to generate the most value in their practice by finely tuning the business development and retention of profitable households. We work in collaboration with partners who can oversee the other planning components of your sale including transition, valuation, and finding suitors for your book. 




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