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Established Female Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Ghost CEO™ is the global leader in business development training for women. Starting back in 1999.

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Designed for women, by women.

Working with female professionals is in our DNA. Since 1999, Ghost CEO™ has focused our business development systems on a female-based model. One built on real relationships, value pricing, and long-term engagements. Within our female niche market, 70% are business owners and 30% are within corporate roles.

For our owners, we focus on developing sustainable business models and markets that are mutually beneficial (to both you and the markets you serve), developing correct pricing structures, and managing time and resources to have a successful and profitable business, while still retaining time to do things you enjoy with the people in your life. All Ghost CEOs have built multi-million dollar businesses prior to becoming coaches/advisors with our model. They know how to develop sustainable and profitable models firsthand. All the best practices while avoiding the many pitfalls. 

For our professionals working within a corporate model, we focus on personal professional development, however that might be defined for you. For some it is making partner in their firm, ascending the corporate level, or getting the compensation level they are targeting. For others, it might be developing a professional network that allows you to source and close the type of business you want to work with and positioning you as an irreplaceable asset for your firm. For others still, it may be positioning yourself to have all parts of life you desire. Career, family, and other key components that might be important for you. From avoiding ‘mommy track’ to establishing yourself as a leader and mentor in your firm, your Ghost CEO™ can be your co-pilot in the planning and execution of your plan, whatever it may be. 


Business Focused

We do what we are good at, and personal coaching is NOT that. We focus on clients' business models, profitability, and professional growth. 


Everything discussed in a coaching session is confidential. You can share with whomever you want, but our lips are sealed to the contents of a session and what is discussed. 


Your Ghost CEO™ is your 'not-so-silent' business partner. Focused on growing your business model and your skill set.

Why 'established' female entrepreneurs? 

Female professionals, both those working in their own business and those working within careers, were our first Niche Market back in 1999. While we worked with some men at the time, we recognized quickly, that our focus on relationship selling, developing a strong rapport with markets (both personally and professionally), and looking for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, was at the core of a female business model. Where men we more focused on immediate bottom line results, with the long-term value of the relationship often coming second, women have the advantage both in the short and long term in finding, engaging and keeping clients for the long term. The lifetime value of clients of female professionals compared to male counterparts is off the chart.  Because we share this belief that business should have a 30-year runway, we are closely aligned with our female clients who want mutually beneficial relationships with their clients, profitable and successful business models, and a business that feels custom for them, not them having to wear a different mask to who they really are. The key word is 'established'. We want you to have been in business for a number of years or at least, know intimately the thing you are selling the market. We don't offer one-on-one coaching for clients that are s without a lot of experience. 

We don't offer one-on-one coaching for clients without a lot of professional experience. A better fit and more accessible price point is our Foundry AI™ program. 

Not all business owners are built the same.

There are a number of reasons why people start businesses. Some want to build an asset that grows revenues o without adding to their workload. Some are looking for a business so they don't have to stay in a job or career they don't like. Others want the flexibility to fit in important life responsibilities. And others still, want a business so that they can do what they love as a career. None are 'right or wrong' and all serve the interest of the business owner. 

That all being said, we are a great fit for the first group. Those that are looking to build a business that is systemized, consistent, and focused on growth, but not at the expense of the owner's health and wellness, are our people. We focus our one-on-one model on the individual who has a business, knows it could be doing more, generating a bigger bottom line, would benefit from systems, and want it to be an asset they could sell or pass through to someone (family or employees). We believe it’s too hard to build a business that if you aren't growing to sell at some point, you might be missing a key opportunity. Ghost CEO™ is a growth business coaching model that supports clients getting out of the way, replacing a lot of their work through systems, and empowers the owner rather than relegating them to be a beast of burden. But this all requires the business owner to be 'open' to looking at things differently. A supermajority of owners has bad habits they have picked up on how to do things. These 'habits' get in the way of them being successful. Your Ghost CEO™ will work with you on your business model and offer not only objectivity but a step-by-step process of how to grow your business from being 'self-employed' to becoming a true 'business owner'. The difference between the two is that a business owner can leave the business (for a day/week/month/year) and still have it make money. 

If you are part of this group, we'd welcome a conversation to see if we might be able to offer value to your plans for the upcoming year. If a part of any of the other groups, our Foundry AI™ and other online training programs might be a better fit for budget and time commitment. 

Our offering 

Depending on the level you are at, we have a solution that can get your measured results in a way that works best for you at the stage you are in. If you are unsure if Foundry AI or our Premier Advisory Group is the right fit for you, schedule a quick chat and we can offer additional input and/or offer you some other companies/solutions that might be a better fit for you. 

The Foundry AI

A perfect program for those new to being business owners and have yet to break the six figure mark. An affordable, self-directed online program that covers all the business development fundamentals of the Ghost CEO™ program.

Premier Advisory Group

Our one-to-one business coaching solution for female business owners who have broken the six-figure ceiling and looking to take their business model to the next level. In your monthly sessions, your business coach charts the course to get you measurable results. 

Strategic Planning

We will facilitate a half or full day of planning with you and your team. Brings unbelievable clarity to your activities over the next 12 months.


Testimonials from our clients...

Colleen Sweet - iTotem

My Ghost CEO™ offers important insight into our growth plan and staffing as it relates to client engagement and service.

Maria Espensito - MEP Capital

 I use my Ghost CEO™ advisor as a trusted sounding board when implementing strategies for myself and my team.

Julie Smitherton - JS Design Inc.

My Ghost CEO™ worked with me to design my sales process, my presentation format and setting rules and boundaries for my clients. All have been game-changers.


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