Strategic Planning

We have been conducting strategic planning services to our clients since our very beginning. Having a clear and concise Strategic Plan gets everyone on the same page and directs activities for a business owner or professional. It keeps things on track, allows you to measure business decisions based on achievement of strategic plan objectives, and keeps everyone focused. 

We use a nine-step process with clients. Even though we may have a three to five year horizon, we plan for the next 12 months. Anything longer and too many unexpected variables can get in the way of the plan.


Oh..and the planning session in almost all cases, only takes three hours...BOOM!

Here are our nine steps...

  1. Current Situation

  2. 12 Month Goal(s)

  3. Gap Analysis

  4. Milestones

  5. Strategies

  6. Actions

  7. Goals

  8. Measure & Manage

  9. Adjustments

The process may seem simple because it is. We have found after 18 years of facilitation that complicated planning processes don't work. People go through the process, put the plan in a drawer, and forget it. We like to see our plans implemented immediately after the session and plan accordingly.