Professional Speakers

Speaking can be one of the best ways to introduce your business, build a platform (audience) for what you do, and take yourself and your business to the next level. 

Speakers that we work with have to be well versed in how to be a speaker (the mechanics of the presentation) and looking for additional ways to monetize their efforts both in speaker fees and selling ancillary products and services in a respectful way. Being a professional speaker is not just about getting up and giving a good performance. It's about engaging with the right audiences, leaving them better than you find them, and having a goal for what happens after the presentation. 

Image by Matthew Osborn

Building Content

In speaking, content is key. There are a lot of exceptional speakers that have garbage for content and there are a lot of terrible speakers than have great content that is delivered poorly. We work with exceptional speakers to ensure their content delivers value to the audience. This is necessary  but to can command top dollar in speakers fees AND lead to other revenue generation. 

Building great and engaging content requires three parts: Content, Context, Action. Tell your audience what they need to know; share with them how to use that information; tell them what to do with the information moving forward. When content is delivered properly, not only does it drive enormous value to the audience, but it keeps you front of mind with them and has them looking for what your next offering is. It goes without saying, that within in your presentation, there should be 'hooks' that will catch the attention of your ideal niche markets. 

Content that is relevant

Content that is engaging

content that highlights your expertise

content that can be repurposed into a 45 minute keynote, a 90 minute seminar, and a three hour workshop

Building Platform

Once you have your content dialed in for your market, you must determine how to reach those markets and through which groups and organizations.  By strategically focusing on segmented client/audience types, you can determine who you want to talk to and what you will say when you speak to them. Identification is the first part; engagement is the second and most important part.

This is  the easiest part of the equation and also the one that most speakers miss the mark on. They speak to everyone which means that the market doesn't know where to place them. You want to be a specialist in a handful of areas; rather than a generalist in all areas. While you may occasionally do an event that is 'outside your lane'; a super majority of your engagements should be platform related in order to get the benefit (and the pay cheque). 

A well planned out speaking platform will draw an audience and clients to you. 

Knowing what your are building and having clarity with your communications is key. 

Identifying the right niche markets  builds opportunities like nothing else. 

Should you write a book, this platform is where you attract an audience for your book and other services. 

Building Business

Once you know what you are presenting and how you intend to build your platform, we focus on a go-to-market strategy: who to target, what to target them with, and how to target them. We also go over what speaker support materials make the process easier and how to use them (prepared bios, one pagers on your talks, client testimonials, materials to use with the audience after the event, and so on). 

For our professional speaker clients who are thinking about writing a non-fiction business title, we have an established relationship with Norsemen Books (New York City)  who publishes in this genre. When you have platform and a point of view on your presentations, the next natural step is to consider how a book might fit into the equation. 

A speaking business requires consistent activities to educate the market on what you are offering. 

In less than two hours a week, you can develop a six-figure speaking business. 

Putting together the right materials and knowing how to get them into the hands of decisions makers is key. 

A speaking business will increase the revenues in everything else you do. 

For Speakers that are looking to increase their abilities in the mechanics of speaking, we have some great relationships with external coaches who can help with the performance side of the business. Ghost CEO™ only focuses on the business and revenue side of the speaking business. 

*If you'd like an introduction to one of our pre-vetted speech coaches, please emails us though our contact page