It’s time to stop guessing or procrastinating and get measurable and duplicatable results. 

The Premier Advisory Group pairs you with a proven Ghost CEO™ coach that knows how to build a successful and scalable professional practice. Get all the tips, techniques, strategies and secrets that are very hard to access in normal day-to-day activities. 

The Premier Advisory Group

The Premier Advisory Group is customized for lawyers and accountants who are in growth mode or that need to get into growth mode. From Senior Associated and Senior Managers looking to learn how to originate files to seasoned partners and owners of firms focused on the growth of their clients and their bottom line, our one-on-one business coaching program is impactful, measurable, and confidential. 

This is NOT personal coaching. It is focused on building a profitable, sustainable, and scalable professional practice. This of us as the 'mechanics' of your business model. You bring in your practice. We will work with you on it. You leave with a well-running vehicle to get you where you want to go. No hugs. No affirmations that you are a good person. All business and making sure you have a business development system that works for you in the way you need it to. 




Every practice and practitioner is different. Different backgrounds. Different styles. Different drivers to why you do what you do. The Premier Advisory Group embraces that you may be eager to learn how to sell or forcing yourself to do so to move ahead. You may have ideas on what you want to do to bring in business or have yet to do anything.

We enjoy sparking a fire in our clients on how to bring in business in a way that fits for you AND is based on our proven and proprietary tools that remove the guesswork from the professional using them. Nothing is worse than seeing a professional working hard, getting little to no results, and feeling like they are spinning their tires. We can work with anyone, introverted or extroverted, to learn how to gain traction in their efforts, recapture their time by stopping the activities that get zero results, and seeing measurable results from their investment of time and other resources.

We don't need you to fall in love with business development (although we hope you do), but if you follow the steps outlined by your Ghost CEO™ and are 'curious' about how they can build your practice, we guarantee you'll see measurable results from your efforts. But the best way to start your examination on if Ghost CEO™ is the suitable training model for you, schedule a quick call with us; and we can find out more about your practice, what your goals are, and we'll give you some ideas right off the bat that you can try out and implement in your practice. We leave every professional better than we find them, even if we don't end up working together.