About Us

Since 1999, Ghost CEO™ has been the leading business development coaching organization specializing in established professionals. We work with clients to develop sales systems and processes that spike profits in a sustainable and scalable way. Unlike other coaching companies that offer personal as well as business coaching, we focus entirely on business. 

Our coaches are all established business owners that have built successful businesses prior to becoming business coaches. The best business coaches have mastered the tools they are coaching,  and have real-world experience to ground the tools and techniques they teaching clients. Beware of any model that suggests that they will ‘coach’ you through the process of finding your own answers. A business coach must offer their clients the “Cliff Notes” of what to do and how to do it. They must have the experience and confidence to know that their advice drives positive results. 

Ghost CEO™ is the only business coaching program that guarantees results for our clients AND doesn’t lock clients into contracts. On a month-to-month basis we expect to earn clients’ business through the success of our work together; we also expect clients to earn a spot on our coaching roster through their efforts and willingness to deploy strategies that drive the bottom line. 

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and will expect nothing but your very best from yourself, we want to talk. This model isn’t for everyone and we embrace that. But if you are an established professional that knows things can be better (with some new ideas, a little inspiration, and a ringer in your corner) consider yourself home.