Image by Scott Graham

One on One Coaching

The Ghost CEO™ model of business coaching is different from other models. All our coaches have developed seven and eight figure businesses prior to becoming coaches. Where other models train coaches to ask the right questions; Ghost CEO™ coaches have the answers clients are looking for. 

We choose our clients as carefully as they choose us and most of our clientele is introduced through existing clients and champions. Each coach holds a client roster no greater than 40 clients to ensure each and every client is getting their full attention. And because we guarantee results for our clients, we are precise about selecting the coaches on our team and the clients we bring into our practices. In no way is Ghost CEO™ a personal coaching model. It focuses on the mechanics of business, and measurable results. 

Step 1: Discussion About the Model

First step to determining if Ghost CEO™ will be a fit for you (and you for us) is to have a discussion about where you are (current situation), where you want to get to (goals), and what you want support on (areas you want to work on). On a quick call we can determine if we are a fit and can deliver measurable, guaranteed results. If so, we send you an overview our our model along with pricing options and rules. If not, we can recommend other programs that might be a better fit for your particular situation. 

Step 2: Decision

After our discussion and your review of our information, you have a decision to make. It feels like a fit and we discuss next steps; it doesn't feel like a fit and we can provide you with the names of other coaching models that may work better for you. We take 'no' as graciously as 'yes' and we hope you will do the same. If it is a yes for both of us, we move to intake. 

Step 3: Intake Session

Intake session is where we are able to get a quick and concise read of where you are in business. Think of it as a physical to base line your business health. Instead of spending months figuring our your business model and putting things together, we have you do a bit of pre-work (think questionnaire) and then have an intake session (normally no more than 45 minutes to an hour) for us to fully dial in a baseline for your business. From here we can start immediately in working towards the goal(s) you have identified. 

Step 4: Regular Coaching Sessions

We develop a process with clients, using our proprietary business development tools, to move them towards our business development objectives. While our tools are the same for all clients (and the same tools used by the coaches themselves), how we apply the tools to a client's business model is customized for them. Once we have implemented the tools with our client into their business model, we are able to coach to the tools and clients can rely on the tools to keep their business trajectory moving upwards. These is no rocket science to what we do; it is based on fundamental business development that can be done in just minutes a day and will replace many of the arduous and inefficient ways that clients may be building their businesses with tools that are both measurable and manageable. We work with clients to take the 'guesswork' out of their business development activities.