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Thanks for visiting. There are three reasons you have found this page.

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1. You've been referred to us by an existing client either at your firm or another;

2. You've got the attention of one of our business coaches through an existing client/contact outside of the legal field; 

3. Maybe this information was shared with you by a colleague whom we reached out to for one of the previous two reasons. 

However you arrived, we are glad you are here. 

Since 1999, Ghost CEO™ has worked with thousands of female attorneys from across North America, Western Europe, and Australia, to master the skills of business development and sales. 


Why sales matters...


You'd be hard pressed to find a lawyer who says they went into the profession so they could sell services. Most received very little instruction in law school about originating files, except for a few minutes on the importance of networking with other lawyers. Once a lawyer begins to practice, she may get some brief mentorship on client engagement, but will likely spend the first five years doing work behind the scenes and only having some client engagement when the principal isn't available. They are expected to figure out how to build the business (if the firm actually supports associates doing this) but don't get much instruction at all. Most firms have limited rainmakers and if those individuals do not produce, the whole firm and the bottom line suffers. Now, more than ever, an attorney must not only practice well but must also have the skills to originate work for themselves, their colleagues, and their firm. When she is able to do this, she takes control over her career trajectory. 

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But sales are hard...

Yes. It is hard when you don't know what you should be doing, shouldn't be doing, how to allocate your time, what to say, who to say it to, how to follow up, etc. Writing contracts was hard when you first started out. But you learned to look at precedents, adjust the language and strategies to your given situation, and you began writing. As you drafted more contracts, they became second nature and, in time, you began developing your own precedents that you went back to again and again. This is the exact same process with business development. It feels awkward, then you understand the process, then you begin practicing, you get better at it, you get successful using it, others assume you are a 'natural' or 'lucky', or whatever reasons they have for you being able to do something they haven't figured out yet. It's hard until you know what to do and then it isn't. And making that jump makes all the difference in your career, whether you are a Senior Associate, Partner, or Firm Owner.

Here's what we know...

  • Women leave the practice of law in disproportionally large numbers to their male counterparts. This isn't good for anyone. 

  • Some Senior Associates make partner on technical expertise but are then expected to originate files and expand existing client engagements without being instructed on how to do so. 

  • Originating profitable files for your firm is the single fastest way to force partnership and for those, who are non-participating partners, to become equity partners. 

  • Being a Rainmaker mitigates the risk of being put on 'Mommy Track' should you start a family. 

  • If you can follow a process, you will find this easier than you imagined and will wish you had started sooner. The hardest part of selling is the story you have in your head. We'll replace that with the real story. 

  • If you are able to originate files you will build the type of practice that you want, with clients you enjoy and can pass those that don't fit onto your colleagues, enjoying the origination credit without having to service the account. 

  • For every Rainmaker, there are hundreds waiting to be fed. Be the Finder, not the Grinder. 

  • Both Introverts and Extroverts can be equally successful in our model. You need not become something you aren't or do things you find uncomfortable. Your Ghost CEO™ will sort out strategies with you that are both profitable and sustainable. You won't do work you don't like to do so we work with you to achieve outcomes in a way that you look forward to. 

  • All of our work is both sustainable and measurable. No guesswork. No magic. Just fundamental skills that you can use throughout your career, wherever you choose to take it. 

Markets we serve


Female Partners

Partners, either non-participating or Equity, who are looking to develop their business development skills for the firm, their practice, and those they are responsible for in their group. Could also be looking to increase overall compensation by originating files outside of her practice areas. 


Senior Associates

Senior Associates who want to get on partnership track and expedite the process. Also could be looking to develop a practice that reflects the work they want to do, rather than the files that get dumped on their desks. The outcome of this program is that you can force the discussion about partnership rather than waiting passively to be 'considered' at some point. 


Sole Practitioners

If you have left a large firm to set up your own shop, or are working in a small firm (partnership) and have business origination obligations, this program can take the guesswork out of what to do, who to do it for, and how to weave business development into your busy daily activities. 

Why Ghost CEO™?

  • We are business coaches. Not personal coaches. This is an important distinction. We specialize in business development, not in personal issues. Most business coaches are personal coaches that want to get business clients. 

  • We offer tools that you can incorporate into your already busy daily activities.

  • We are 100% confidential. No one will ever know you are working with us unless you tell them, including other clients who might be working at your firm. 

  • No contracts. We don't lock clients into long term engagements. Every month the business coach needs to showcase their value. Every month the client showcases why they should be kept on the client roster. If you are growing, we keep going. If you stop, the relationship is over. 

  • We guarantee results. No other coaching model offers this. Clients pay their coaching fees on a monthly retainer. We know that if a client does the work, they will get the results. If you do the work and don't get the results, we refund that month's coaching retainer and part ways. 

  • Building on the point above, we choose clients as carefully as they choose us. We don't work for clients. We work with clients. Big distinction. 

  • We model the behavior. All the tools our clients use are the exact same ones we use. 

  • All Ghost CEO™ Business Coaches were successful business owners prior to becoming business coaches. Coaching isn't our first time building a business. 

  • We are 'rules-based'. Both coach and client are clear on roles, responsibilities, and the rules that govern the relationship. No guessing. 

  • We are 'hard-asses with heart'. We will bend you but not break you. You will become the best business developer you know (aside from us). 

  •  We leave everyone better than we find them and expect clients to do the same. We don't partake or participate in negative business behaviors. No dirty pool. No going after people. Positive, profitable, and sustainable business building. 

  • All sessions are .9 hour long. Giving you .1hour to get back to the file you were working on before the session. All sessions conducted by phone. You don't have to go anywhere and have your session anywhere you have phone connectivity. 

  • Monthly programs start at $950

  • We are the only business development coaching model designed for female professionals. This is not a repurposed male model. 

  • We adjust client responsibilities depending on their current workload. 

Time for a chat?

We welcome a time to chat with you regarding your practice, where you want your career to go, and if Ghost CEO™ could play a measurable role in getting you there. We choose clients as carefully as they choose us so the best first step is to schedule a time to cha;t we'll find out more about you and we'll share more about our model. After the initial conversation, if appropriate, we'll send you an overview of our model that describes our process in greater depth and packages/pricing.  We take 'no' as graciously as 'yes' and hope you'll do the same. Business coaching is either a perfect fit or no fit at all so it isn't to be rushed. 


We can be reached at 206-734-4950 (US) or 604-833-3212 (CDN).


You can email our Practice Administrator (Michelle) at to schedule a time to talk. 


Or you can book a time through our automated system here


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to talking when it fits. 

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