Group Coaching & Training

Group coaching can be an efficient and cost-effective manner of training an entire team. When we talk about teams, we are talking about people who are all aligned and headed towards a common goal or organizational outcome, such as the development of a new niche market, establishing a strategic alliance with another company or organization,  or working towards a quarterly or annual sales target.

Group coaching is not effective for a group of professionals, who may be under the same corporate banner, but who have different business development or sales targets they are looking to achieve. 

Traditional Ghost CEO™ Business Model

For our select corporate clients and those in franchise models, we offer a version of Ghost CEO™ in a group call setting. As long as all members are practicing the same business model and at the same stage, we can facilitate our content in a group setting. 

Participants get access collectively to a Ghost CEO™ coach to discuss business development strategies, the application of our proprietary business development tools, and overall practice strategy and techniques to ensure common and individual results. 

Specific Training in a Particular Area

We have over 50 areas of business that we can offer in either a 45 minute keynote, a 90 minute seminar, or a 3 hour workshop. All are functional business skills related to business development. All have content (information you need to know) and context (how to use that information in real-world scenarios). From prospecting and building champions, through to ethical negotiation and engaging niche markets, we are able to address particular areas of business that an organization wants their team trained on. You can find an inventory of our training titles under the Keynotes tab.

Women's Leadership Program

In this half-day program, we focus on three main areas of professional development:

  1. Developing a woman’s professional reputation

  2. Developing a woman’s plan to have a ‘specialized skill set’ that is in high demand

  3. Developing a powerful professional network of contacts that can be leveraged for business. 


This program is highly interactive and regardless of industry or experience, every woman that participates in this program  is aware of the immediate application of the information and tools. When a woman builds a powerful reputation, an unmatched skill set, and harnesses a large and powerful professional network, she is a force to be reckoned with and a valuable asset to any business model.


*As with all Ghost CEO programs, our content comes with a 100% guarantee. 

Sales Academy™

Are you getting stuck in the sales process and want to make it easier? In one day, we can change the way you look at sales.

Many professionals feel discomfort when it comes to sales. They wonder if they are pushing too hard, or not pushing hard enough? They avoid the things they know they should do, by filling their time with things that aren’t effective.  The old  model of business was to ‘force’ or convince a prospect to buy from you. The new model of sales is solution-focussed and relies on collaboration and education. 

In this full-day event, we remove the common myths women have about sales, explain how educating the ideal niche markets is the only way to sell, and the step by step approach of educating the right market, with the right offering, at the right time. 

When done correctly, clients ask to buy, you don’t have to sell.