the Foundry


For years, we had referred out prospective clients who were too early in their business to benefit from our advanced coaching model. 

We are excited to launch the Foundry™ program for committed professionals who are in the process of developing their business development strategy and looking for trusted guidance in how to set it up properly and with proven fundamentals they can build on moving forward. 

* This is a fixed model unlike our other coaching programs and has a definitive end. Clients have one coaching session per module. In each session they will learn a new tool, that on its own is powerful for originating business, but when combined with the other tools, creates a bulletproof business development system. In between sessions, they do the work with the tool in preparation for learning the next module's tool. 


At the end of six modules, the client can continue forward on their own, or may be considered for one of our advanced programs. 

Module 1: 3 Niche Markets

Module 6: Hunting Packs

A hunting pack is a group of like minded professionals, in complimentary services, that are targeting the same niche market. Hunting Packs are able to get a multiplier on their effort because a client for one is a client for all. Hunting Packs only require minimal time and each member of your Hunting Pack should produce (on average), one qualified prospect per month. 

Module 5: Champions™

Champions are educated referral sources that selfishly promote you and your business. Finding, educating, and activating champions are part of the solution; the second part is ongoing management and care of champions so they keep referring. A well-trained and managed champion will produce (on average) one qualified prospect per month. It takes only minutes a month to manage a champion relationship if done properly. 

Talking to everyone is talking to no one. In order to be successful in business development, you need to choose three niche markets that you will target and actively build within. You don't turn away business outside of the niches, but by focusing your attention, you get traction, opportunities, and clients. 

6 modules; 6 tools

Each tool powerful on its own.

When used in unison, a total business development system. 

Module 2: The '3' Questions

Once you know which niche markets you are targeting, you need to determine what it is that you can offer that is unique to them and that allows you to stand out among competitors. The three questions (What do you do? Why does it matter? Who cares?), when answered properly for each niche market, will allow you to capture more prospects and close more business. 

This is one tool that is missing from 99% of the professionals in business. 

Module 3: Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel is how you track your progress with the first two tools. From how you target prospects within your niche markets through to how you present and close that business, the funnel offers a simple diagnostic to know what areas you are strong in and which need attention. There is no better way to diagnose a business development system. Numbers don't lie. 

Module 4: Strategic Alliances

Business success requires more than one person. Being able to identify potential alliances in each of your niche markets, and then approaching them, discussing the alliance, and having rules that will govern the relationship, all create an environment that is mutually beneficial and measurable. You will no longer spend time with other professionals who don't refer business to you. 

Program Fee

Our coaching is highly customized, based on each client's specific needs. 


The program can run between six months and a year, depending on the depth of work required and requested by you. 


Your investment in time will depend on the program created, and your financial investment will range between $562.50/month to $750/month"

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