Finance Professionals

Up until 2007, Investment Advisors, Wealth Managers, Discretionary Portfolio Managers, and Hedge Fund Managers comprised less than 2% of our client list. Now they make up almost 25% of our client list.


The Ghost CEO™ system is a perfect fit for professionals who are looking to drive AUM growth, systemize their business development activities, and develop a business model that is profitable and sustainable. We work with clients from over 60 firms, some are large multinational corporations, others are regional shops that do 'Fee-Only' Financial Planning. Regardless of the location, practice focus, or experience in the business, we can have a direct and measurable impact on the bottom line of a professional's business model...guaranteed. While we may ask you to do things that are new to you; all tools are proven and will work when deployed properly. We are here to make sure you are doing just that. 

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Established Investment Advisors with > $100M AUM

For clients in this segment, we spend our time working towards the goals that the client has for their book (normally added growth AUM, a more profitable turn, or decreasing the number of households while increasing revenue). Clients with over $100,000,000 in management have worked out most of the 'kink's in their book and are looking to be more streamlined, have better prospects coming in, and have qualified referrals being developed by external Champions. With clients in this niche, we work towards developing opportunities that support a growth rate of $2M per month (average) in new AUM as a benchmark. We look at what they are currently doing in their business development and bolt-on Ghost CEO™ tools to make their efforts produce even more opportunities with the right clients. Champions, messaging, and market engagement are also keystones of this work. We also work with Advisors who are five years out from retirement and starting to 'tune-up' their practice to either someone internal to take over or to sell the book externally at the highest rate possible. 

PLEASE READ: Not for everyone...

Much like the professionals in this niche, we aren't for everyone. We choose our clients as carefully as they choose us and are very clear on what characteristics we find in clients that allows us to maximize our work with them and which characteristics will inhibit our abilities.  The Advisors we work best with are still excited to be in the business, understand that it is a people business first, don't get bogged down with active management being more important that client engagement, have time to do work,  open to doing business development in a new way (and actively), and are not keeping one eye on the markets, with another one on the clock so they can quickly escape the office and go golfing. We can tell a lot about an Advisor by the hours they keep. 


While lifestyle is important and balance (whatever that means to you), you have to still be in building mode. Not 'coasting' mode. Our model doesn't fit with people that are doing 'good enough'. We are looking for advisors that still have the growth for hunger, service, and engagement. Who want to further segment out their most profitable and engaged markets, systemize their business development and sales activities, and want to have a 'machine' that runs with or without them (but that they want to keep an eye on and fuel up). For these reasons, this is one niche where we respectfully do not take unsolicited prospects. Prospective clients are either invited in by one of our Ghost CEO™ coaches or introduced through an existing connection who will vouch for the Advisor. Sadly in today's market, it is a small contingent of financial professionals that are hungry, committed, and poised for growth. The rest leave it up to market growth (or shrinkage) and just want to ride things out. Not terrible, just not for us. 


If you have had your interest piqued and you don't know anyone connected to us, ask your manager or Director of Practice Management. There are very few firms in North America, Western Europe and Australia where we haven't had clients and/or some type of corporate coverage, especially since 2008.