Business Authors

Being an author, or wanting to become an author, is a huge undertaking. A book allows you to extend your reach into new markets, expedite the engagement with new prospective markets and clients, generate higher speaking fees, and quickly establish credibility with your markets. 

The challenge authors face is developing a system to get their book into the market, and using it as a powerful business development tool. If you are an existing author, or would like to become an author, we can help. 

Image by Nick Morrison

Prospective Business Authors

For prospective authors, deciding to write a book can seem like an insurmountable task. As with all our models, we have systemized the approach of getting a client to rough manuscript in just six sessions. From these sessions and from the client's outline (which we can teach you how to develop), we can interview the client (while recording the session) and extract the information/expertise from them that will constitute the content of the book. From this stage, we can guide the client on developing a book that has long term viability, will be attractive to the niche markets that they want to engage (platform), and that can support their other business activities in a sustainable and profitable way. From start to finish, our clients can have their non-fiction business book completed and ready for their editor in ~90 days.  With clients who are working through this process, we can connect them with our related company, Norsemen Books, who publishes non-fiction business books out of New York City. 

Existing Business Authors

For authors that have already developed a book and had it published, we can work with you to develop strategies and systems to get your book out in front of the right markets with the right messaging. Whether you are using your book to showcase your expertise, develop clients, to book professional speaking opportunities, or as a revenue stream on its own, a book needs to handled in a particular way. It is part 'product' and part 'service'. 

With our clients in this niche, we look at who they are, what they have written, and the platform they have built (or intend to build). Then we look at why the book was written, who the book was written for, and what the book was intended to do. We work with the client to develop a plan to get the book in front of its intended audience. 

Please note: We don't work with clients doing fiction, romance, poetry, picture books, vegetarian cookbooks, haiku, or the like. We know non-fiction business and we stay in our lane.