Accountants & Lawyers

We work with three segments in this niche market. Existing non-equity partners of firms who need to learn better ways to originate files (may have made partner through technical expertise, inheriting a book of business, or other) who want to become equity partners and/or grow their book; senior associates and managers looking to make partner; lawyer and accountants looking to establish their own firms. 

For each of these segments, we have customized programming to achieve financial and operational objectives in a timely and efficient manner. 

Existing Partners at Professional Firms

You have been named partner at your firm but may not feel like you have a reliable system for creating opportunities for the firm and originating files for yourself and your associates (including those in different practice areas). You know that  becoming a 'rainmaker' for your firm, will make the partnership group take notice. 


The Ghost CEO™ program has worked with hundreds of partners of law and accounting firms to systemize their engagement with their designated markets and the market as a whole, to have measurable results in the form of opportunities and engagements. We can guarantee with a high degree of certainty that partners who follow our business development model will not only spike the number of opportunities they get in front of, but will also close more of the right kinds of deals for them and their firm. 

Senior Associates and Managers looking to Become Partner

It can be difficult for a senior associate or manager to know what it takes to become partner in their firm. Some progressive firms have partnership plans and some internal mentoring, but few have a process for senior managers and associates to expedite their ascension into the partnership circle. Ghost CEO™ has a developed system to get lawyers and accountants (5-7 year call) on an expedited partnership track by focusing on three key areas of development attractive to all firms: new business origination; expanding the engagement of existing clients relationships; and knowledge transfer and internal marketing to and for peers in complimentary practice areas. When you are a rainmaker at your firm, they take notice. No firm wants to lose someone who hunts and feeds their peers. Let us show you how to make yourself irresistible to your partnership circle from a profitability standpoint. 

Accountants & Lawyers Building their own Firms

Being at a big firm isn't for everyone. Some practitioners want to build their own firm, avoiding high billable hour responsibilities, or want to practice a particular area of practice exclusively. Clients in this niche require more of an overall approach to their business development. Like their peers in bigger firms, there is a requirement to attract and retain profitable engagements, but added to this is the responsibility of having a successful business model that manages all the other components of the business and operations of the firm. We have coaches on the team that have been in big firms and smaller regional firms; and who have built successful and profitable professional practices. 

If you are starting your own firm and looking to put the right foundation in place, or have an existing firm that you want to be more profitable and to run more efficiently, we welcome a conversation on what we may be able to offer you that will have measurable results to the bottom line and your overall business.